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georges picot

Famille Georges-Picot — Wikipédia

La famille Georges-Picot est une famille française, dont plusieurs membres se sont distingués dans la diplomatie et la finance.

Sykes–Picot Agreement – Wikipedia

The Sykes–Picot Agreement / ˈ s aɪ k s p i ˈ k oʊ /, officially known as the Asia Minor Agreement, was a secret 1916 agreement between the United Kingdom and France, to which the Russian Empire assented. The agreement defined their mutually agreed spheres of influence and control in Southwestern Asia.The agreement was based on the premise that the Triple Entente would succeed in

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The Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916) – Jewish Virtual Library

The Sykes-Picot Agreement (officially the 1916 Asia Minor Agreement) was a secret agreement reached during World War I between the British and French governments pertaining to the partition of the Ottoman Empire among the Allied Powers. Russia was also privy to the discussions.

Sykes-Picot Agreement | 1916 | Britannica.com

Sykes-Picot Agreement, also called Asia Minor Agreement, (May 1916), secret convention made during World War I between Great Britain and France, with the assent of imperial Russia, for the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire.The agreement led to the division of Turkish-held Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine into various French- and British-administered areas.

Georges Thenault – Wikipedia

Lieutenant Colonel Georges Thenault (French pronunciation: [ʒɔʁʒ təno]) was the commander of the Lafayette Escadrille – the famed branch of the French air force in World War I composed of American volunteer pilots. The Lafayette Escadrille was created before the United States gave up its neutrality and joined France and Britain in the war against Germany.

Sykes-Picot-avtalen – Wikipedia

Sykes-Picot-avtalen var en hemmelig avtale inngått i 1916 mellom Frankrike, Storbritannia og Russland.Den handlet om hvordan Det osmanske rike skulle deles etter første verdenskrig.Avtalen fikk navn etter den britiske etterretningsoffiseren Mark Sykes og den franske diplomaten François Georges-Picot.. Den endelige oppdeling ble ikke helt identisk med Sykes-Picot.

Picot — Wikipédia

Nom commun masculin. Picot, diminutif de pic, est un terme utilisé dans des domaines très divers.. Sens premier, vieilli : petite pointe qui subsiste sur un bois ou un autre matériau qui n’est pas coupé net. Sport : petits plots de caoutchouc disséminés sur le revêtement des raquettes de Tennis de table.; Couture :

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Sykes-Picot Anlaşması – Vikipedi

Sykes-Picot Anlaşması, I. Dünya Savaşı sırasında, 29 Nisan 1916’da Kut’ül Ammare Kuşatması sonrasında İngiliz kuvvetlerinin Osmanlı Devleti’nin 6. Ordusu karşısında bozguna uğramasından 17 gün sonra, 16 Mayıs 1916 tarihinde Britanya ve Fransa arasında yapılan ve aynı yılın Ekim ayında Rusya tarafından onaylanan, Osmanlı Devleti’nin Orta Doğu’daki topraklarının

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Sykes-Picotverdrag – Wikipedia

Het Sykes-Picotverdrag was een geheime overeenkomst tussen het Verenigd Koninkrijk en Frankrijk in mei 1916 waarin zij afspraken maakten over hun invloedssfeer in Zuidwest-Azië als de Triple Entente erin zou slagen het Ottomaanse Rijk te verslaan tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog. Het was opgesteld door de Franse onderhandelaar Georges Picot en de Brit Mark Sykes.

Sykes-Picot Anlaşması’nın mimarı Mark Sykes’in torunundan

Ortadoğu’nun şimdiki halinden pek çok isim sorumlu tutuluyor ama içlerinden ikisi var ki tarihin terazisinde hep tartılıyor. İngiliz Sir Mark Sykes ve Fransız Georges Picot

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